IMG 1295 1By far Effie’s Bakery is the busiest of three division under Effie’s Place, Inc. Effie’s Bakery is the premier African Manufacturing company producing over 3000 loaves of bread per day. The Sweet White Bread, Tea Bread, and the Buns Bread had their origins from Ghana in West Africa. However, through migrations, visits and travel, these unique loaves of bread were introduced to other neighboring countries along the West African coastline. Today, through the World Wide Web network, this company hopes to introduce these products to the entire United States, Canada, and the rest of the world to sample African Bread with a unique taste and freshness.

The servicing area covers the entire East Coast of the United States on a regular basis. Elsewhere in the United States, we do overnight shipping so that the bread gets delivered ‘fresh’. This service is billed to the customer.

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