Our Breads


Crown Bread:

  • Brings out the bread lover in you
  • Endearing rich taste with bold freshness
  • The "Crown Jewel" of all our breads
  • A wonder bread that broke the taste barrier

The Popular Butter Bread (2.35 pounds):

  • Great for sandwiches and french toast
sweet breadsweet bread

The Popular Sweet White Bread (1 ½ pounds):

  • A delicious bread for life
  • Always fresh

Whole Wheat Bread:

  • Wholesome Bread redefined
  • Makes delicious eating - no end

Our Other Breads:


  • Tea Bread
    • Unique Sugar Free Taste
    • The bread that conquered the west coast of Africa
    • Bread lovers delight - by far!
  • Raising Bread
  • Corn Bread
  • Butter Croissants
  • Tasty Rolls
    • Dinner Rolls - OUR WAY!
    • Almost heaven (If you ask Effie)
    • Old fashioned goodness - just try it!
  • All Types of Cookies!
  • Muffins
  • Pies
  • Chin-Chin


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